About JeffJag

I'm a life-long traditional abstract artist, illustrator, painter, graphic designer, motion designer, 3D designer, educator and dad.  I've always been a passionate creator.  I've spent my whole artistic life in a highly experimental way where I dive deep into a medium (sometimes for years at a time) until I've entirely burned through the creative juice I have for it, then I take what I've learned and grown and explore a new medium or revisit an old one.  I've gone back and forth between pen, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, 3D, and digital painting many times over the last 20+ years. I am not the type to get locked into one thing.  I like to play, I like to explore, and I like to have creative options.  Regardless of the medium, I am an Artist and I make Art.

Crypto History

I've been aware of crypto through Bitcoin for some time, but the difference between playing the game and sitting on the sidelines is everything. You're only early until you're late. I entered the space as an artist minting on Ethereum and Tezos in March of 2021 through Clubhouse and transitioned to Twitter Spaces, and I've been here ever since.  I bought crypto, deployed my own smart contracts, minted tokens, bought into good projects, bought rugs, held at the top, sold at the top, and all the fun things. I've been hosting rooms and making lasting friendships that mean the world to me. But the real benefits of crypto and the blockchain as an opportunity for artists is what sold it for me. I've honestly been waiting decades for the ability to sell digital artwork originals without having to remove them from their native medium on a screen. So now the fact that there's a viable market with real collectors who value that and also see it as an opportunity to own and trade beautiful things changed the game for me.  So I'm here to stay and build and put out art because I believe in this.  After learning via word of mouth like drinking from a firehose of information, I became an advocate and educator in web3 on all things but mostly on the benefits of Artist Sovereignty, Security, Royalties to Creators, AI Art tools, Artistic Process, and Creative Control on the blockchain.

AI Art History

I started working with AI Art tools with VQGAN + CLIP in Colab in August 2021, went over to WOMBO Dream for the LOLz.  I started getting serious with the tools for my own art with the Midjourney beta in late March of 2022.  I've always used AI Tools as a way to generate images but also have put my own personal touch on everything I've created in Photoshop or Procreate after words.  It's important to me because I don't use anything "straight out or raw" including photography or other sources.  But I've put out a few collections so far and they've been pretty successful.  Using AI Tools in various ways, I made my first few Synthography collections: FiatHedz (May 2022 - sold out), RentHedz (August 2022 - sold out), and Nightmare Fuel (October 2022 - Season 1).  I got into the Stable Diffusion discord during beta as well and ran with that tool as soon as I had a local PC with a videocard that could handle it.  If you'd like to learn more check out my process for this project and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Twitter Spaces

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