Building is our ethos

I came to NFTs in March 2021 through Clubhouse after the notorious Beeple sale.  I know there's been plenty of people here longer than me, but I have spent nearly 2 years in this space learning, growing, educating, and ultimately building.  I believe in what we're making here.  I know the tech moves fast (especially AI), but I've always been the type to jump in and try something new.  I feel like I've been here long enough to own and claim web3 as my culture.

The refrain in the crypto space is "we're early," because so many aspects aren't ready for the mainstream.  It's still not even really ready for us.  We seek an economy that's free to enter without a middleman or gatekeeper.   We seek the kind of cultural change brought about not by stuffy lawyers and paid-off politicians writing laws but by blockchain technology and the principles of decentralization.  We want it to be easy to use so it can actually solve so many of the snags current technology and culture have.


The Devs are doing something.  They're building the platforms, protocols and tools.  They want artists to succeed. The Artists are making something.  They're building valuable collectible Artworks that ensure provenance.  There's room for speculation and inflated valuations so long as you're not the one left holding the bag.   

There's the promise of Art that will outlast, and royalties that will kick a bit back to help us build the next project.  But also, the scammers are rugging, the centralized exchanges are gambling with our money and going insolvent, and the regulators are looming.  So we have a bit left to go.

This collection is not a financial product, it is a digital art collection.  I make no promises of future valuation, utility, or ability to resell my work. If you do, that's cool with me, I wish you the best. Even cooler if you choose to honor royalties.

Even with Ethereum roughly 10 years old and crypto as a whole another 5 more, we're still early.  It feels like the Internet in the 90s. Simple things take a lot of work and most people outside our bubble don't have the patience or effort to jump in, especially when there's so much risk involved.  But if we want to get there, we need to build, and we need to start now.  I'll be there making art, hope to see you.

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