Interviews with JeffJag

On Monday April 24th, I was a guest on @thenounsquare daily Twitter Spaces where I got to discuss the project in depth and show my love for the Nouns.  Listen to the Noun Square space here

On Tuesday April 25th, (after the presale was live for a couple hours), I was featured on @NiftyKitApp biweekly Twitter Spaces hosted by Builders of Titania Official Artist Collaborator Jessica Yatrofsky @jyatrofsky.  I had the pleasure of going into the more technical aspects of the drop since I used the DropKit platform to create the project.  Listen to the NiftyKit space here

Also on Tuesday April 25th, presale launch day, I hosted a smaller chill space where many of the Official Artist Collaborators showed up to talk about the project with me. It was more laid back, and also more of a deep dive into the process.  Listen to my JeffJag space here

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